The second lesson of the coding class

Recently made the second lesson. It passed better but was far more than perfect.

I came in advance to check why some projects are missing in the cloud. The reason was that the license of inSync didn’t apply, so it stopped syncing the files. I tried to link the account again, reinstall the app, and I also bought a Company license. Nothing helped. I contacted the support, no answer. I left computers without sync and we had to start new projects instead of loading that made in the previous lesson.

Now the good part. We finally got forward in learning coding concepts. These are the concepts we covered:

  • Explained sequential programming concepts. Why does the order of commands matter?
  • Learn how to request for input with block Ask <answer> and a how to use <answer>.
  • Learn how to combine several blocks into one more complex. We combined Say (join "Hello" and <answer>).
  • We learned that programs might contain bugs and fixed ones.

Another challenge I have as a teacher.

  • Noise. It’s very hard to maintain silence in the class.
  • One group is more skilled than others and produces distractions for others.

A lot of things to do. A lot of I must learn myself.