The current state of my coding classes for kids

Yesterday I gave another coding class. That time I took another approach.

Reducing distractions

Instead of putting all the tables together, I put them as far as possible from each other. So then, when one group discussed something, it didn’t produce distractions for others.

Planning first

Before the class began, I had put the paper and pencils on the table. I said that first draw me the project. Later they pitched the plans to me, and I gave them the laptops.

More freedom

I didn’t put limits on what we could do. Instead, I told them that they could do what they wanted. Of course, they must have been to draw it first. Someone decided to continue the project simulating a cleaning robot. Another group wanted to create their own Minecraft, and someone decided to make a concert scene with music. That was fine by me.

Lecture on demand

I was waiting until someone asked me for help. Then we were thinking together about how to solve a task. I gave hints when I felt that the kid already knew the solution. If the solution required new knowledge, we did it together.


The class went relaxed, and everyone was engaged in doing their projects. I feel that we’re going in the right direction.