Coding class. The tooling.

My class will have kids at ages from 6 to 8. I assume coding on Python would be quite challenging for them, so I’ll stick with visual coding.

What options I have:

  • Online paid platforms, like
  • Offline and free, like Scratch or Snap.


I made one lesson with my son, and I decided to leave that platform. That’s the reasons:

  • Students must log in each time to the platform. It consumes time.
  • After logging in, the student every time sees the announcements splash screen. I haven’t found how it can be disabled.
  • The app starts slowing on Raspberry PI 400 after adding some sprites.
  • I am against using gamification mechanics on kids. In my opinion, the kids must develop intrinsic motivation and don’t rely on external motivation.

Scratch. Simple, but works.

So, I decided to use Scratch for classes.