Coding class. Computers. Part 1.

Our class don’t have a dedicated room, so we must bring the computers, connect and move them out after the class. A better option would be to use laptops. A good option would be ARM-based Pinebook Pro, but the manufacturer is experiencing a severe shortage on microchips. Other budget laptops what I’ve seen are at very poor quality. As I pay for the hardware by myself, I want to be very thrifty.

Another option is Raspberry Pi 400. My son has it and I’m a big fan of Raspberry Pi. The hardware is enough to run Scratch. It costs about 110.87 €. As a drawback, we need to connect the computers each time.

Raspberry Pi 400 kit includes:

  • A computer and a keyboard.
  • A mouse.
  • All the cables.

What is missing is a monitor. I found one, 15.6" IPS, on the same shop at 211.70 €.

The total price is 322.57 per unit. I placed an order for five.

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